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BodyLux Creations LLC

Black Cherry Merlot Wax Melt

Black Cherry Merlot Wax Melt

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Transport yourself to a candlelit vineyard at sunset with our Cherry Merlot wax melt. This sweetly scented wax cube will fill your home with the luscious aromas of ripe cherries and oak barrel merlot.

  • Features scents of juicy cherries, red wine, and woody undertones
  • Long-lasting fragrance lasts for hours
  • Easy to use - simply place cube in wax warmer and relax

Allow the fruity cherry top notes to mingle with subtle hints of black currant and plum, as mellow merlot wine notes swirl through the air. Our wax melt brings the sensory experience of a romantic vineyard visit to your home anytime.

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