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Citrus Foot/ Bath Soak

Citrus Foot/ Bath Soak

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Treat your feet to some zesty zen with Citrus Foot Soak! 
The Citrus Foot/Bath Soak is the perfect way to relax after a long day. Just pour some of this luxurious soak into your bath or foot basin and let its invigorating citrus scent and refreshing bubbles revitalize your skin, leaving you feeling relaxed yet re-energized. Perfect for use in spas, salons, or just at home - the Citrus Foot/Bath Soak will make every experience an unforgettable one! 

  • Contains natural citric acid to help exfoliate dead skin cells on the feet
  • Aids in softening and moisturizing the skin leaving it smooth and refreshed
  • Made with essential oils to calm the nervous system while providing aromatherapy benefits
  • Can soothe muscle aches, enhance circulation and offer antifungal properties for a relaxing spa experience at home

This Citrus soak will leave your feet or body  feeling refreshed. 

Directions: Use one to two scoops in warm water bath or foot tub. Scooper will be provided.


Materials: Magnesium Sulfate, Pink Himalayan Salt , Flower Herbs, Coconut oil and Essential Oils 

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